(175a) From Availability to Integrity

A little over ten years ago, Chevron developed and implemented an Asset Reliability Process with the goal of improving the reliability of our facilities, with a strong focus on improving the availability of our facilities. This was known as URIP, or our Unit Reliability Improvement Process. The building blocks of this process include sub-procedures for:

  • Design for Reliability
  • Reliability Opportunity Identification and Resolution
  • Risk Assessment and Asset Strategy
  • Surveillance and Condition Monitoring
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Maintenance & Failure Prevention

While we were successful in improving the availability of our facilities with the implementation of URIP, we continued to experience incidents and unplanned downtime associated with the integrity of our assets. Learnings from these and other industry incidents precipitated our efforts to revise our process to place a greater focus on Asset Integrity. The resulting asset care program still includes the sub-procedures listed above, with the incorporation of asset integrity requirements. This presentation describes the development and implementation of our revised reliability process, which we have renamed as our Unit Reliability and Integrity Process.


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