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(158c) Business Continuity Plan for the Next Large Scale Earthquake ”Nankai-Trough” at the Refinery in JAPAN

Business Continuity Plan for the next large scale earthquake “NANKAI-Trough” at the refinery in JAPAN.

Hayato Abe

Process Safety Supervisor

Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. AICHI Refinery

11-Minamihama-cho, Chita-city, Aichi, 478-8555, Japan


On March 11th, 2011, Japan suffered the Great East Japan Earthquake of magnitude 9.0. It was the most powerful known earthquake to have hit Japan in recorded history. The earthquake and the tsunami left extensive damages to Japanese oil industry, the nuclear power plants, life lines such as electricity, gas, water service, communication net-work and traffic facilities. Total amount of loss reached US$150 billion.

The Japanese Government reviewed the estimate of probability and damage suffered from the next large scale earthquake “NANKAI-Trough” same Plate type earthquake, based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The consequence of this review are so severe, the probability to break out is 70%/30years, the total amount of loss will be US$2,000 billion.

In this case, Japanese Oil Industry shall recover in early period to supply energies for reconstructing activities from the damage. Petroleum product is one of the most important energy source, which can transport to and storage at any place in such disaster case compared with many other sources.

IDEMITSU KOSAN Co.,Ltd. is operating The Aichi Refinery located in these area, estimated severe damage suffered from the next large scale Earthquake “NANKAI-Trough”. Therefore we are trying to improve the countermeasure based on the Business Continuity Plan for this Earthquake.

For Example, reinforced basements of facility, structures under pipeline and oil tanks for earthquake-proof, disposition of big canon fire extinguish system(60,000L/min)with training based on fire pre-plan in order to protection for disasters such as vapor cloud explosion, full surface tank fire.

The goal of this BCP require re-shipping oils half of daily land carriage from Aichi Refinery within 24 hours after the earthquake. Now we are making effort to improve related facilities with first priority. We have to cooperate with public organization in control of public utilities such as the road traffic and the route of marine transportation, repairing and re-opening after the earthquake.

This presentation refers to work out the countermeasure of the BCP for large scale earthquake such as the “NANKAI-Trough” at the refinery.


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