(121c) Manganese Oxide/Manganese Sulfate Based Solar Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycle | AIChE

(121c) Manganese Oxide/Manganese Sulfate Based Solar Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycle


Bhosale, R. - Presenter, Qatar University
Takalkar, G., Qatar University
To avoid the sulfation poisoning in the sulfur-iodine cycle and its variation the hybrid sulfur cycle, a metal oxide – metal sulfate based water splitting cycle is considered. As per the previous studies, manganese oxide (if coupled with other suitable candidates) can be used as a reactive material for solar thermochemical H2O splitting cycle. In this investigation, manganese oxide – manganese sulfate (MnO-MnS) water splitting cycle is studied. The temperatures, pressures, and inert gas flowrates required to run the MnO-MnS water splitting cycle are identified first by performing equilibrium thermodynamic analysis. The solar-to-fuel energy conversion efficiency is also estimated by performing the efficiency analysis based on the principles of second law of thermodynamics. The obtained results indicate that the solar-to-fuel conversion efficiency for MnO-MnS water splitting cycle is higher as compared to other thermochemical water splitting cycles. In addition to the computational thermodynamic analysis, attempts are also made to study this cycle experimentally. All the obtained results will be presented in detail.


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