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(110b) CCPS Ever Green Process Safety Metric Project


In 2006, the CCPS Technical Steering Committee authorized a project to develop a Guideline book for the development and use of Leading and Lagging Process Safety Metrics. In the initial meeting, the committee identified that the key breakthrough opportunity for industry was the development of an industry metrics that would become the benchmark across the chemical and petroleum industries for measuring process safety performance. To achieve this objective, CCPS extended the committee composition beyond CCPS membership to involve representatives and members from each of the major chemical and petroleum trade associations as well as other key stakeholders.

Since then, there has been several other metrics systems based upon the original CCPS work that continues to evolve and adapt to new interpretations, clarification of intent, and most importantly, learnings from process safety incidents. Whereas this process is continuous, guidelines take considerable time to complete the review and revision process and once completed, initiate subsequent revision and harmonization of other guidelines to maintain consistency within global industries.

To provide a source of current information and updates to the various metrics activities as well as a place for ongoing research, publications, and new techniques; the CCPS has started an evergreen webpage for process safety metrics. This paper will describe what is included in this evergreen project and its key attributes, specifically, the current status of consensus metrics, leading metrics, and a new CCPS survey.