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(100b) Smart Manufacturing: A Must to Remain Competitive


Saudagar, M. - Presenter, SABIC Americas Inc
Ye, M., SABIC Americas, Inc.
Rapidly evolving technologies and products are posing enormous challenges and opportunities for chemical manufacturers. Meeting these challenges is a bare minimum for surviving in today’s dynamic global markets. Whereas to be competitive a manufacturer must be able to transform each and every rising opportunity into cash or strategic benefits.

Smart Manufacturing offers a multitude of capabilities to competitively deal with the ever increasing challenges and opportunities of chemical manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing is a set of enabling technologies, methodologies and tools that can be deployed to improve the core business specific technologies, operations and work processes

The components of Smart Manufacturing are generic and are usually applicable to a number of different manufacturing processes.

In this presentation we will elaborate on main components of Smart Manufacturing in the context of chemical manufacturing. Proper deployment of tools such as big data analytics, process control and optimization, real-time fault detection & diagnosis, and predictive maintenance will also be described. A strategy to adopt Smart manufacturing will also be suggested.