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HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon) has conducted Comparative Performance Analysesâ„¢ (CPAâ„¢), also known as the Solomon studies, for over 35 years. These studies benchmark the Refining, Petrochemicals, Midstream, Upstream, and Electric Power industries, with the earliest studies starting in 1980. As part of these studies, Solomon gathers and analyzes data from around the globe on all phases of operations. Key Performance Areas include yields and losses, energy consumption, reliability and maintenance, personnel, efficiency, and financial performance. These benchmarking studies give Solomon clients valuable insights into the key performance areas of their facilities as well as the overall industry trends. The studies provide reliable information based on proprietary, patented, and time-tested methodologies, to foster the continuous improvement needed for companies to remain competitive.

The first Solomon studies began in 1980. Over the years, the studies have documented all of the ups and downs of the oil-and-gas-related industry as it reacted to changes in prices, markets, technology, and government regulations. For this paper, Solomon consultants have examined the trends and shared insights learned from their data-driven CPA on all energy-related industries from the wellhead to the downstream derivative chemical manufacturing, and all stages in-between.