(90a) Chemical Kinetics Mechanism Modeling of Sour Gas Combustion

Gai, H., Lamar University
Lou, H. H., Lamar University
Sour gas combustion is very important for gas processing plants and refineries. Combustion behavior of sour gas is different from other hydrocarbon gases due to the lower heat capacity of sulfur containing components and different radical pool, etc. However, researches on how to combust sour gas stably, effectively, while producing minimal emission is still a big problem. Chemical kinetic modeling provides us an efficient way to assess to this approach. The reaction mechanism is a combination of exciting mechanism of oxidation of C1-C3 hydrocarbons and H2S. Optimization work is done to compensate the radical pool changes and interaction between C containing and S containing component. The optimized mechanism was validated against real experiment data to achieve a reliable overall mechanism.