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(86c) Prevent the Next Catastrophe


With the increasing complex manufacturing processes and environmental regulations, and the challenges to retaining knowledge from retiring employees and transferring it to the newer generation, operations managers face multiple challenges such as staying competitive, insuring safety, maximizing production, and reducing operational risks and breakdowns. In the world of legacy, traditional manufacturing practices rely on repetitive procedures, overwhelming human interventions leading to costly errors. The fourth industrial revolution presents an unprecedented mind shift in Manufacturing Operations Management with the emergence of Cyber-Physical Production Systems, Augmented Reality Technologies, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. New practices consist in creating systems that learn from data and deploy the extracted knowledge in real time so the end-user can have a single version of the truth, rather than abstract mathematical certainties. Thus, sudden equipment failures and process disturbance are being predicted, and costly damages are prevented. Integration Objects provides an Industrial Internet of Things platform that allows end-users to remotely and securely assess and monitor the reliability of their assets while maximizing profitability. Our innovative approach uses data driven hybrid models combined with expert rules and fault propagation models that can be deployed online for real time execution. Our IIoT platform is an integrated, flexible, scalable and user friendly graphical environment that allows the deployment of industrial scale applications.

In order to address the market shortage of resources, Integration Objects has made the technology easy-to-use, affordable, and accessible to the average user for a quick deployment. It allows increasing safety by avoiding false warnings, and boost gains by seizing any optimization opportunity.