(81d) FHR Air Dryout after 2015 Major Outage

Joseph, B., Flint Hills Resources
Author: Joseph Bell, Flint Hills Resources Production and Optimization Engineer

Sponsor: Johnny Spell, Flint Hills Resources Technical Manager

The Flint Hills Resources Light Olefins Unit in Port Arthur, TX went through a major outage to execute significant cold train modifications and other TA related repairs / maintenance. Work was executed in the Demethanizer, Cold Train, C2 Recovery, Ethylene Refrigeration, and Propylene Refrigeration systems. After work completion, each of these systems was dried with air in order to achieve a safe, successful startup. This presentation will cover the following:

  1. Dry air supply and header plan

  2. Dewpoint measurement strategy

  3. Process Safety concerns of O2 contaminating the flare system

  4. Overall execution results and learnings