(70d) Improving Reliability of Multiphase Flow Metering with Thermodynamic Models and Correct Field Configuration | AIChE

(70d) Improving Reliability of Multiphase Flow Metering with Thermodynamic Models and Correct Field Configuration


Speranza, A. - Presenter, KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd
Zhang, X., KBC Advanced Technologies plc
Streeton, R., Fmcti
Skjældal, I. M., FMC Technologies
With increasing complex field developments and offshore exploration and production, multiphase flow metering applications (MPFM) have become very important in production optimization, management and fiscal allocation. The latest generation of MPFM can be also used in operational control and reservoir management applications including well testing and surveillance, production allocation, artificial gas-lift optimization, production forecasting, process and equipment performance monitoring as well as flow assurance monitoring.

Since the multiphase flow metering was introduced in 1990s, the technologies have matured considerably. The industry recognises the importance of MFPM and their economic potential. With many years’ experience, the industry has brought increased confidence in their accuracy and reliability. With correct field configuration, the advanced capabilities of MFPM can generate huge financial savings for operators in operational efficiencies, and most importantly in increasing overall reservoir recovery factors.

To achieve reliable and correct reading and measurements, MPFM need to be configured with accurate physical property (PVT) and thermodynamic models in order to accurately deduce the volumetric flow rates at operational conditions. Also importance is the field configuration that provides consistent production process procedure to establish the correct volumetric conversion factors.

This paper highlights the unique capabilities offered by the Multiflash software when integrated into the flow computer system of the MPM multiphase and wetgas flow meter manufactured by FMC Technologies. The paper also demonstrates that the fluid models can be updated dynamically and reliably using the MPM in-situ verification functionality and how very high accuracy gas phase properties can be provided by the thermodynamic models, essential physical properties for the high gas volume fractions of flow metering.



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