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(66b) Design Space Exploration and Optimization in Catalytic Packed Bed and Membrane Reactors

Eppinger, T., Siemens PLM Software
Aglave, R., Siemens PLM Software
Jurtz, N., Technical University Berlin
Wehinger, G. D., Technische Universität Berlin
Kraume, M., Technical University Berlin
Packed bed catalytic and membrane reactors are used for many new age processes such as dry reoforming of methane or oxidative coupling of methane. Experimental and numerical studies shed light in to the operating conditions and kinetc data of such reactions. Modeling techniques also allow to replicate lab scale data but also use it for scale-up of such reactors. Ultimate industrial use of these reactors depend on the optimization of the variaus design and operating parameters. Optimzation work using a manuaul or stepwise evaluation can be time consuming. In this work we present how autmation in CFD simulation and use of advanced optimization algorithms can be used to achieve design goals and shorten the scale-up and design time cycles.