(28a) Reduced Energy Requirements for Direct Chlorination of Ethylene to Ethylene Dichloride

Self, K., Chemetry Corporation
Weiss, M., Chemetry Corporation
Gilliam, R., Chemetry Corporation
The implementation of a novel metal chloride shuttle eliminates the need for chlorine generation in the synthesis of ethylene dichloride. The new process uses the same feedstocks (NaCl brine and ethylene) to produce ethylene dichloride, caustic soda, and hydrogen by replacing the standard anode reaction in chlor-alkali cells with a metal oxidation. As a result of the lower half cell potential, the cell operates at substantially lower voltages and without the safety issues associated with chlorine gas. This presentation will focus on the commercialization pathway including the results from our integrated pilot facility and collaboration with Technip. Overall process economics for both grassroots and retrofit cases will also be discussed.


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