(20c) Effect of Operating Conditions on Cryogenic CO2 Removal | AIChE

(20c) Effect of Operating Conditions on Cryogenic CO2 Removal


Fazlollahi, F. - Presenter, Brigham Young University
This investigation experimentally and theoretically simulates natural gas (NG) treatment system for high CO2 sources of natural gas using Aspen Plus. The concept uses patented novel heat exchangers and process designs developed as part of a cryogenic carbon captureâ„¢ process to remove enough CO2 that traditional NG treating can handle the treated gas without modification. The process simultaneously removes NGL very efficiently. This process provides a simpler alternative to solvent-based CO2 removal, absorbent drying, and cryogenic natural gas liquids extraction systems found in traditional natural gas processing. Data from an experimental bench-scale apparatus verify simulation results as a function of NG composition and pressure. The investigation discusses costing parameters, exergy loss and heat exchanger efficiency. The results confirm low exergy losses for bench-scale apparatus. The system uses heat exchangers with efficiency of 90+%. High pressure and low methane in NG composition result in high CO2 capture.