(178a) Using Analytics for Process Safety | AIChE

(178a) Using Analytics for Process Safety


Petrusich, J. - Presenter, Northwest Analytics
Shupp, J., Northwest Analytics
Managing plants flooded with thousands non-statistically based alarms daily creates a major challenge for plants wanting to minimize risk. Operators are dismissing non-critical alarms throughout the day, but how many of non-critical alarms does it take to make a critical alarm? 35? 75? 1,000? (is this death by 1,000 cuts?)

Using real-time analytic monitoring can create a scientific way of filtering the data to provide early warning detection, while reducing the noise from fixed set point alarms which may not be relevant for the current process. This presentation will delve into a holistic approach for managing risk within the plant and throughout the whole organization. Monitoring feed stocks, in process parameters, and maintenance data using analytical tests creates an overall view of plant process stability. We will explore case studies and best practices for managing and guiding plant decisions creating a more safe environment for both assets and people.