(124a) Building with Natural Gas

Radaelli, G., Siluria Technologies
Rafique, H., Siluria Technologies

Radaelli, G., Iyer, R., Rafique, H.;

Siluria Technologies Inc.

This paper will describe the details of some critical milestones that Siluria technologies has crossed to OCM commercialization. ­Siluria has built a unique platform to commercialize direct Natural Gas to Ethylene by successfully demonstrating the operations of the Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM) technology for over two years at its pre-commercial scale in La Porte, Texas. The modularized demonstration unit is built to test the catalyst in a wide range of operating conditions (450-950°C and up to 16 barg) with specific campaigns aimed at process conditions expected in first commercial projects. This milestone leads the pathway to commercialization of the OCM process with our ethylene industry partner, Linde Engineering.

Siluria Technologies has also commenced further development of its first generation OCM technologies to deliver ethylene producing processes with higher carbon efficiencies and lower capital intensity.

In parallel with taking first generation OCM to the market place in a range of applications, Siluria has expanded its technological abilities to develop processes producing various petrochemical products via OCM. The company has developed solutions for ethylene to liquid fuels, natural gas to propylene (via ethylene), flexible ethylene/propylene processes, and OCM integration with refineries and syngas plants.


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