(104c) Biojet Fuel Production from Ethanol and Isobutanol | AIChE

(104c) Biojet Fuel Production from Ethanol and Isobutanol


Feng, M. - Presenter, Southwest Research Institute
Wong, C., Southwest Research Institute
Flores, E. III, Southwest Research Institute
Lai, H. Y., Southwest Research Institute

Biojet fuels production from renewable ethanol and
isobutanol will significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the
aviation industry.  In this study, ethanol and isobutanol were converted to jet
fuel boiling range hydrocarbons in a fixed-bed catalytic reactor.  Figure 1
shows the block flow diagram.  The catalysts evaluated in the tests include: ZSM-5,
MgO/alumina, and a large pore size zeolite. Different reaction temperatures,
300, 350, and 400°C, were compared.  The conversion yields were between
40-80%.  High selectivity for aromatics such as mesitylenes, xylenes, and
toluene was obtained for ZSM-5.  An economic analysis will be presented.

Figure 1. The Block
Flow Diagram for the Alcohols to Jet Fuels Process