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Bryant, D., Syngenta
Anderson, R., Montana State University
Sengupta, D., Texas A&M University
Seay, J., University of Kentucky
Siegel, R., R&B Consulting Services
Chiang, L. H., The Dow Chemical Company
Daoutidis, P., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sahinidis, N., Carnegie Mellon University
Schroer, J., SABIC Americas, Inc.
Chheda, J., Shell
Finotello, A., The Dow Chemical Company
Henry, K., The Dow Chemical Company
Trivedi, K. K., ExxonMobil
Immer, J., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Bachand, J., Knobbe Martens Intellectual Property Law
Tavakkoli, M., ENNOVA LLC
Castillo, I., The Dow Chemical Company
Ndlela, S. C., Owens Corning
Lueking, A. D., Pennsylvania State University
Jensen, C., Colorado School of Mines
Deshpande, S., SABIC Americas, Inc.
Hollar, W., Sabic Innovative Plastics
Edwards, J., Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
Yeo, G. E., ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Postula, W. S., Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
Shell, K., aeSolutions
Fox, J., The Dow Chemical Company
Colella, W. G., Gaia Energy Research Institute LLC
Rooney, W., Honeywell UOP
Sommer, V., Fluor
Aguilar, O., Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
Urbanski, N. F., ExxonMobil
Kister, H., Fluor Corporation
Kunt, T., Weatherford
Shankar, S., Shell Intl E&P