(63ao) Dissolution and Precipitation of Minerals Under Different Alkali Concentrations in a Reactive CO2 Batch System

Deo, M., University of Utah
The primary focus of this research is to study the dissolution and precipitation of minerals and salts from Berea sandstone and brine samples taken from the Great Salt Lake in a reactive CO2 batch system. Various experiments were constructed to measure dissolution and precipitation reaction rates under different alkali concentrations. Changing the alkali concentrations of the Great Salt Lake brine samples produced changes in dissolution and precipitation of minerals from the Berea sandstone and the Great Salt Lake brine samples. Data from ICP-MS was used to quantify mineralogical changes in the samples and Micro-CT was used to measure the porosity change in the Berea sandstone samples. The results from these analytical instruments showed patterns of mineralogical dissolution and precipitation in the post-experimental fluid that correlate to the change in alkali concentrations.