(63ac) Ozone Source Apportionments of Local Anthropogenic Emissions

Wang, Z., Lamar University
Ho, T. C., Lamar University
Ozone is one of six principal air pollutants designed by US EPA.  NOX and VOC emissions from anthropogenic sources are the most important factors to control ozone pollutant.

In this report, photochemical dispersion models are used to estimate the effect of ozone from local anthropogenic emission sources.  EKMA-type diagrams are generated for NOX- and VOC- effects.  Furthermore, APCA (Anthropogenic Precursor Culpability Assessment) technology is used to estimate ozone source apportionments.

EKMA-type diagrams show that 10-30% emission reductions could reduce ozone concentrations to meet standard.  Further APCA results show the average ozone contributions from regions and emission categories.  APCA results explain different effects for different monitoring stations.