(72l) 13 Ways through a Firewall: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You | AIChE

(72l) 13 Ways through a Firewall: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You


Firstenberg, M. - Presenter, Waterfall Security Solutions

Firewalls are a given - everyone assumes that every security posture includes a firewall. But are they really secure? Join us to see 13 ways to break through a firewall. Attacks include: walking a USB stick past the firewall, phishing attacks, stealing a password, using essential connections to compromise servers, piggy-backing on VPNs, split tunneling, firewall vulnerabilities, firewall configuration errors and omissions, forging an IP address, using default passwords, standing up wireless access points inside the protected network, and using vendor back-doors. A number of scenarios will involve live demos hacking through typical plant/business interface industrial firewalls. For each scenario, compensating measures are briefly discussed and compared.


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