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(138a) Hydroprime® Modular Plants Provide Low Cost, Reliable Hydrogen


This paper provides an overview of Hydroprime®, a unique steam methane reformer,
employing an integrated heat recovery system, which can reduce the cost and
improve the reliability for relatively small industrial hydrogen consumers.

Hydroprime® plants offer many advantages over traditional supply modes such as
electrolytic plants, conventional steam methane plants, and truck-delivered bulk
hydrogen. These plants have a capacity of 0.15 – 0.3 MMSCFD (165 – 330 Nm3/h),
produce ultra-high purity hydrogen (99.999 %) at 200 psig (13.8 barg), reducing the
need for product compression. Hydroprime® plants are highly heat integrated, which
translates into low operating cost. These plants offer high reliability, and superior
environmental and safety performance. Hydroprime® plants are fully automatic with
fail-safe process controls, allowing unattended operation with remote start-up and
monitoring. In addition, these plants are modular with an open skid design which
provides easy site installation and excellent accessibility for maintenance.
Hydroprime® was developed to address an unmet need in the marketplace, by taking
advantage of Linde’s extensive experience in modular hydrogen plant design and

Hydroprime® offers a flexible supply solution to an extensive range of industries,
including: glass, chemicals, foods, metals, electronics, photovoltaics, and energy.
The plants have demonstrated excellent results in actual commercial operation all
over the world.


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