(135c) Developing and Retaining High Performing Employees | AIChE

(135c) Developing and Retaining High Performing Employees


We will interactively discuss several topics which can play a role in developing and retaining high performing employees.

What gets YOU, the leader, up in the morning?  Why are YOU excited to come to work?

            How do you communicate this to existing team?

            How do you sell this to your perspective employee?

Why should anyone feel the same about your organization?

How does what your team deliver make a difference?

What will everyone learn?

-Offer Mentorship to less experienced people

            -Demonstrate calculated risk taking

            -Do what you say you will do

            -Have their backs

Hire good people and let them work

            Who is afraid of their team?

How do other departments view your team?

                        Your work?

                        Your importance to the success of the company?

How can NIH* harm you?
            *Not Invented Here

Does your team feel comfortable arguing with you or contradicting you?