(48d) Self-Cleaning "Bernoulli" Type Filters Used in Onshore and Offshore Applications

Georg Schuenemann GmbH (SAB-BREMEN) has developed a new Filter Type F-480, dubbed the "Compact Giant" for applications in onshore water intake and cooling water systems, sea water desalination plants, and in offshore projects, such as FPSO's, Drillships, and Production Platforms.

This paper will describe the essential design features of the filters, based on the "Bernoulli principle" which result in a fully automated self-cleaning filter system, and choice of materials in a sea water service with high corrosion rates.

A case study will be presented in which stringent project requirements such as substantial flow rates, adaptibility to space limitations and pipe connections had to be observed. Reliability of the system, extended run times without the need for frequent replacement of filter elements, as well as ease of monitoring and operator involvement have been achieved.