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(73a) Achieving Process Safety Excellence

“Achieving Process Safety Excellence”

Shanahan Mondal

Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC

Texas Refining Division

Process Safety has become a top priority in the refining and petrochemical industry.  Companies have aligned their resources to prepare for a multitude of compliance audits.  How come companies are passing compliance audits with flying colors but we are still having significant process safety events?  The answer lies in developing a strong process safety culture.  This presentation will highlight how a small Gulf Coast refinery has achieved process safety excellence by shifting the process safety culture.

The three main topics this presentation will cover are process safety leadership, employee engagement, and industry outreach.  These three areas are the pillars upon which a strong process safety culture can develop. 

I plan to highlight examples in these areas : 

Process Safety Leadership

                Everyone is a Process Safety Leader

                CCPS “Red Bible Study sessions”

Employee engagement

                Employee awareness / incentive programs such as hardhat sticker logo contest

                Monthly Process Safety Bulletin newsletters

                Celebrating our Process Safety wins

                Process Safety Roundup event

                Process Safety culture survey   

                Multidisciplinary Process Safety monthly audits

Industry outreach

                Leading AFPM Regional Network meetings

                API Site Assessment

                Process Safety Advisories

                Sharing our incidents


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