(44bf) Consequences Calculation Tool for Storage Tank Fire Scenarios


Consequences calculation tool for storage tank fire scenarios

J. Díaz1, J.Cadena2, A. Vignes3, F. Muñoz4

Chemical Engineering Department, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia





During the past decade, high loss has been recorded due to hydrocarbons storage facilities fires worldwide. An example is the fire of three storage tanks at a refinery in Amuay, Venezuela (August 25 2012, under investigation), which led to the loss of 650000 barrels of catalytic naphtha, around 41 fatalities and 80 injured. These scenarios have different causes and high magnitude consequences, therefore an a-priori consequences analysis of these events become a key element for the decision-making processes regarding prevention, control and mitigations of risk. The risk reduction, control and mitigation for these scenarios usually follows a prescriptive approach, therefore this work presents a tool for the quick and conservative calculation of key variables in fire scenarios of hydrocarbons storage tanks facilities such as heat released and heat irradiated. These intensities are translated into consequences, emergency response requirements and key information for Contingency Plans development. To complement the fire scenarios, the tool also includes the calculation of affectation distances for boilover phenomena. In order to have an estimate of the accuracy of the tool, a case study is selected for validation and the results are contrasted against Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. Given the complexity of the fire events, there is no unique approach to these calculations, but it does constitute a relevant and practical tool for conducting consequences analysis at key moments at early design stages (to aid facility layout  determination) and at the operation of a storage facility.


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