LNG Contribute as Environmentally Friendly Energy in Japan

Kikkawa, Y. - Presenter, Chiyoda Corporation

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel due to its less carbon dioxide emission and sulfur free nature. In 1969 LNG has been successfully introduced to Japan from Alaska, solving air pollution problem.

Japan imported around 70 MTA LNG in year 2010. Compared with other fossil fuel such as oil and coal, LNG has reduced the carbon dioxide emission coping world concern on global warming, although LNG is costly for the processing cost of liquefaction, including large liquefaction refrigeration power requirement, and tanker transportation. In Japan, in order to compensate the high cost, followings have been applied:

-          LNG cold is utilized such as power generation, air separation, refrigeration for fish stockyard, although LNG can be gasified simply heat exchange with sea water

-          High Efficiency combined cycle application for electric power generation.