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(55e) Performance Comparison of Structured Packing HETP Correlations


Whiteley, J. R. - Presenter, Oklahoma State University
Resetarits, M. - Presenter, Fractionation Research, Inc.
Cai, T. J. - Presenter, Fractionation Research, Inc.
Jammula, A. K. - Presenter, Oklahoma State University

This paper presents an analysis and comparison of several popular HETP correlations for structured packing.  The performance comparisons were generated using a screened database containing all of the published HETP experimental results for structured packings.  The database includes FRI results which have been released to the public.  The screening process excluded data points that fall outside the preloading region.  The full database consists of 809 points obtained from 8 different sources.  The total number of packings included in the database is 24.  After screening, a total of 766 points were retained for performance evaluation of the different HETP correlations.  Both hydrocarbon and aqueous systems are represented in the database.

HETP prediction performance is documented for the following correlations:  Harrison and France (1989), Kister (1992), Lockett (1998), Billet (1999), SRP (1996), Hanley (2011) and Delft (2011). Performance comparisons are provided using several different correlating factors, e.g. packing type, system type, etc.  The paper concludes with a brief discussion of the overall findings.


This paper has an Extended Abstract file available; you must purchase the conference proceedings to access it.


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