(53a) Combination Filtration of Pressure, Vacuum and Clarification Technologies for Optimum Process Solutions

Perlmutter, B. A., BHS-Filtration Inc.

Filtration experts, over the years, have discussed combination filtration and debated its definition.  In the realm of cartridge filtration, simply defined, a combination filter is one that does at least one other processing job at the same time as filtering a suspension.  For example, this could be carbon canister which removes both suspended and dissolved components.  In water applications, a combination filter removes bacteria, sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and scale.  In lubrication oil filtration, combination filtration refers to full-flow and by-pass flow filtration.  Finally, for small scale process filtration, combination filtration is installing bag and cartridge filtration systems in series. 

There is, however, a new definition of combination filtration that transcends the standard approach and will assist process engineers with trouble shooting and “idea-generation.”  The approach relies upon the slurry analysis and testing to uncover the “process symptom” and then develop a process solution called “combination mechanical slurry conditioning and filtration.”  This article discusses slurry testing and process analysis and then illustrates seven (7) case history example installations showing “combination mechanical slurry conditioning and filtration.” 


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