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(36c) Propellant Systems for Household Spray Products


Abraham, C. - Presenter, Scientific Advisory Services, Ltd

The situation and problem involves consumers throughout the United States that are use and are exposed to bug bombs or bug foggers, also known as total release foggers (TRF).  They are the most dangerous aerosol products on the market. This paper will focus on the TRF's, defective design of the formulation, the state of technology available to eliminate the risks, the defects in the testing of the product, the false information that is submitted to the EPA and the defects associated with the application process approving the registration of pesticide products.

The most popular propellant system for the total release foggers for indoor use consists of propane, butane and isobutene. Even though the propellant system in total release foggers consists of up to 35% of the ingredients, applications to the EPA for approval of insecticides designate the propellant system as inert. This designation for the propellant is incorrect and fraudulent.  In addition to the products being defectively designed, they contain a hidden hazard resulting in fires, explosions and traumatic burn injuries.

There are several resolutions making the product either completely safe or minimizing the risk of consumers exposing themselves to explosions and toxic vapors.  This involves alternative safer propellant systems and significant changes in the testing of the product, proper reporting of information in the MSDS's, proper testing and significant changes in the warnings.

Author Information:

C. J. Abraham has spent the last 40 years consulting internationally on a variety of personal injury cases. He has also invented and commercialized a variety of products. Over the last 40 years he has evaluated many household and industrial products with reference to their foreseeable uses and foreseeable misuses. He has also tested a large number of products for their flammable and explosive characteristics and created a number of warnings and instructions as well. He is certified and has diplomat status in a number of areas. His background and experience can be found at www.scientificadvisory.com.


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