(30b) Modeling Solvents for Amine-Based CO2 Absorption | AIChE

(30b) Modeling Solvents for Amine-Based CO2 Absorption


Karpe, P. - Presenter, ConocoPhillips
Aichele, C. P. - Presenter, Rice University
Van Wagener, D. H. - Presenter, The University Of Texas at Austin

Aqueous amine absorption is a mature and proven technology for treating natural gas and refinery fuel gas containing CO2 and H2S. For that reason, it will be a key technology for capturing CO2 from flue gas streams for carbon capture and storage. However, the large gas volume and low pressure associated with flue gas streams will result in process units much larger and more expensive than conventional acid gas treaters. Optimization of the design of the absorber and regenerator is important for full-scale CO2 capture in order to minimize both capital and operating costs. This presentation focuses on the development of process modeling using rate-based modeling software for amine absorption. The modeling conclusions incorporate appropriate factors to accurately calculate the overall CO2 avoided, and proper technology comparison strategies are discussed. Regeneration energy comparisons are made between the conventional, 30 wt.% MEA system and other solvents of interest.