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(129g) Methodology for Characterization of Fluid Properties


Honarpor, M. - Presenter, Hess Corporation
Nagarajan, N. - Presenter, Hess Corporation

Early characterization of fluid properties in unconventional reservoirs is critical to lateral well placement, completion and stimulation.  Unfortunately, determination of PVT properties based on standard downhole fluid sampling in pilot hole is not practical because of the extremely low permeability nature of the formation. Surface fluid sampling after stimulation and well completion is not suitable for determination of fluid properties even after several weeks of production because of the contamination from fracturing fluid and absence of stable GOR.

One approach is to preserve cores in Canisters at the wellsite for chromatographic analysis and HC extraction from full diameter cores since the center of the core may hold fluids at virgin reservoir conditions for an extended period of time. Integration of these data with mud gases, C1-C6+ collected during drilling and coring provide the opportunity to predict fluid properties of unconventional reservoirs in a timely manner that help decision making about completion and stimulation.  In this presentation I will provide an example fluid characterization from Eagle Ford play in TX.