Lifecycle Management of Independent Protection Layers

Wasileski, R. F. III, NOVA Chemicals, Inc.
Fox, J., The Dow Chemical Company

In 2001, the CCPS published “Layer of Protection Analysis: Simplified Process Risk Assessment”. After nearly a decade of use, Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) has become widely accepted and is now used in a variety of industries. As a result of the pervasive application of LOPA, there has been a proliferation of recommendations and a clearly defined need to sustain the probability of failure on demand (PFD) values that are claimed for Independent Protection Layers (IPLs) in the LOPA studies. Consequently, the industry has experienced challenges and new advancements in the ways IPL’s are managed through their lifecycle, from initial evaluation and selection of IPLs, to the ongoing inspection, testing, and maintenance, and eventual decommissioning. This session welcomes papers related to lifecycle management of Independent Protection Layers, with a particular emphasis on case studies and learning opportunities.



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