(55e) Solar Absorption Cooling with Alkanes as Phase Change Energy Storage Medium

Agyarko, L., University of Illinois at Chicago
Mansoori, G. A., University of Illinois at Chicago

In this talk we report our research and development activities in the development of a cooling system based on the photothermal solar energy utilization, phase change energy storage in alkanes and paraffin wax and development of a low temperature gradient absorption cooling cycle, the areas in which our research in the past has resulted with well-defined characterization methods.  The performance parameters considered in our work are collector surface requirement [1], coefficient of performance (COP) [2, 3, 5], capacity and size of the storage medium for the cloudy days and evenings [4], heat duties of the evaporator, absorber, and condenser, refrigerant nature and concentration in the weak and strong solution [2, 3, 5], and flow rates of the weak solution and the flow rate of refrigerant passing through the evaporator.  Considering the high cost of electricity and fossil fuels the absorption cooling system proposed is found economical for rural communities.


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