(24f) Combined Biomass Gasification and Chemical Looping Combustion for Hydrogen Production with near Zero Carbon Dioxide Emission

Dong, C. - Presenter, North China Electric Power University
Jiang, J. - Presenter, North China Electric Power University
Lu, Q. - Presenter, North China Electric Power University

In this study, we proposed a process for auto-thermal hydrogen production with near zero emissions of carbon dioxide, through combined biomass gasification and chemical looping combustion. A new set was developed for this process, which mainly consisted of three interconnected fluidized bed reactors, the biomass gasifier, air reactor and fuel reactor. Metal oxides were used as the oxygen and heat carriers in the whole process. In the gasifier, biomass was heated and gasified in the steam atmosphere, with heat supplied by the hot low-valent metal oxides from the fuel reactor. The product gas was purified and submitted to hydrogen separation using the pressure swing adsorption. The residual gases with low hydrogen were transferred to the fuel reactor, and reacted with the metal oxides to form low-valent metal oxides and carbon dioxide of high concentrations. The low-valent metal oxides were transferred to the biomass gasifier to supply heat for the gasification process, and the carbon dioxide could be collected for storage. The low-valent metal oxides after the heat supply for the gasification process were transferred to the air reactor, where they reacted with oxygen to form metal oxides, and meanwhile, generate a lot of heat for the whole process. Successful preliminary experiments have been performed on this set to achieve auto-thermal hydrogen production and carbon dioxide capture.