(13a) Kinetic Modeling of the Reactions Involved in the T2 Explosion | AIChE

(13a) Kinetic Modeling of the Reactions Involved in the T2 Explosion


Willey, R. J. - Presenter, Northeastern University
Cutlip, M. B. - Presenter, University of Connecticut
Fogler, H. S. - Presenter, University of Michigan

The runaway reaction at the chemical preparation facility called T2 laboratories in Jacksonville, Florida on December 19, 2007 is analyzed. The approached involved estimating kinetic parameters based on temperature time traces presented in the CSB final report for ARSST (Advance Reactive System Screening Tool) experiments (1). Further, we estimated the pressure rise rate based on the moles of hydrogen and other non-condensable gases generated during the event. A two reaction sequence, as reported in the CSB report, worked well for the kinetic models developed. The resultant differential equations describing the system's temperature and pressure development were solved using a mathematical simulator called Polymath. Because the second reaction is so rapid, techniques needed to be developed to handle the stiff problem. The presentation will be used to discuss the methods used, and how to generalize these to analysis of exothermic reaction data from calorimetric instruments.

1. U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, Investigation Report, T2 Laboratories, Inc, Runaway Reaction, (Four killed 32 Injured) REPORT NO. 2008-3-I-FL


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