(120c) Ethanol Distribution Over Fractions of Ethanol-Gasoline Fuel From Distillation and Spectroscopic Measurements

Karpov, S. A. - Presenter, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
Teterevyatnikova, N. B. - Presenter, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

We discuss the distribution of ethanol over fractions of alcohol−gasoline fuel. For the first time, quantitative data of ethanol distribution over fractions of ethanol−gasoline fuel have been obtained by the distillation and the infrared (IR) spectroscopy method. Ethanol is found to non-uniformly distribute itself among gasoline fractions (thus, conclusions of earlier published works have been numerically confirmed). The form of ethanol distribution over fractions is found to be Gaussian-like. We found out that ethanol is concentrated in “light” ethanol−gasoline fractions and that it is almost completely absent in “heavy” ones (with a boiling point over 90 °C). The main part of ethanol (97% v/v) is found to form azeotropes: the reason for the high volatility of biofuel. In the future, the use of these data will contribute to more precise determination of the nature of increased vapor pressure for alcohol-gasoline blends and to a solution of distillation problem, which will make alcohol-gasoline blends more competitive as compared to traditional gasoline.


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