(118g) Synthesis and Characterization of CuO/ZnO-Al2O3 Catalyst Washcoats with CeO2 Sols Onto a Micro-Channel Reactor for Steam Reforming of Methanol

Lin, K., Yuan Ze University
Adhikari, A. K., Yuan Ze University
Yeh, H., Yuan Ze University
Yeh, C., Yuan Ze University

Porous alumina support CuO/ZnO mixed with CeO2 sol washcoat catalysts have been characterized for autothermal reforming of methanol in the present study. Experimentally, XRD patterns of as-synthesized washcoat catalysts coated with increasing content of CeO2 sols onto the surface of micro-reactor indicated that the Cu and Zn species were oxidized to CuO and ZnO, respectively. The intensities of Cu content from XRD and XPS data indicate that Al2O3 assign with Cu(0) to from CuAl2O4. The EXAFS data reveals that the Cu species have a Cu-O bonding with a bond distance of 2.13 Å and a coordination number of 4.82. The copper oxides may be interacted with the Cu(II) species in ceria identified using EPR spectroscopy. Moreover, the SRM performance tests were carried out at 483–573 K with the same weight of coated catalysts packed in the micro-reactor. A hydrogen production rate of 2.16 L h-1 is obtained and the corresponding methanol conversion is 100% at 543 K using the CuO/ZnO with CeO2 sols washcoat catalysts. In addition, this work also showed that the feasibility of as-synthesized catalysts and the effects of CeO2 binders for hydrogen production. With this approach, the feasible potential for production of high purity hydrogen can be achieved and a final processing to make it suitable for an integrated proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) system.


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