(116b) Exergetic Efficiency Analysis of Poly-Generation Systems of Syngas Production

Lou, H., Lamar University
Gangadharan, P., Lamar University
Jayswal, A., Lamar University
Zheng, K., Lamar University
Zanwar, A., Lamar University

Considering their promise to provide high material and energy conversion from natural resources, the poly-generation systems are recognized as promising technologies for future chemical and power industries since simultaneous production of chemicals and electricity offers economical viability and thermodynamic efficiency. Parameters for economic analysis, environmental impacts and societal impacts are well established. However, selection of efficiency analysis method for such process remains vital.

In this work, exergy efficiency analysis is considered a perfect choice for thermodynamic efficiency analysis of such processes. This paper compares the exergetic efficiency performance of several different poly-generation processes for production of chemicals, fuels and electricity from gasification of coal and natural gas. The results will provide critical guidance to the designers for process analysis and process improvement.