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Shortcourse S9: A Practical Approach to Hazard Identification


Wasileski, R. F. III, NOVA Chemicals, Inc.

Personnel involved with day-to-day plant operations maintain an important role in the hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) process. These individuals are often the first to identify hazardous process conditions in an operating environment. Physical and occupational-safety hazards are generally well understood and readily identified by front-line personnel. However, process hazards are often more subtle and may be more difficult to recognize. Further, the techniques for evaluating such hazards may not be well understood. AIChE/CCPS has recently completed a new concept book titled A Practical Approach to Hazard Identification for Operations and Maintenance Workers. This book describes process hazards and their causes, and provides its readers with practical tools for hazard identification for everyday use. This course will provide a review of the various tools and techniques that have been included in the new concept book, along with suggestions for their use. Complementing this material, participants will also be given a solid foundation with respect to process hazards, and led through an interactive, representative training course that is suitable for operations and maintenance workers at their facility. This course was developed for those who interact with operations and maintenance personnel on a day-to-day basis, as well as professionals who occasionally work in manufacturing facilities. The use of photographs to support the technical material and tools that are presented, make this course suitable for a broad audience with diverse backgrounds.



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