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Mechanical Integrity – Critical Line of Defense


Willis, J., Air Products & Chemicals Inc.


Morey, A., Rohm And Haas Company

Process plants, young & old, from the simple to complex contain silent hazards which pose risks to personnel and environment. Although budget pressures affect us all, the level of safety provided by Mechanical Integrity programs is non-negotiable. MI programs are expected to provide full safety protection value, be cost effective and offer long term savings for the company via increased equipment reliability. We are looking for a wide variety of papers discussing successful leveraging of technology to improve inspection and testing effectiveness and eliminate downtime through rethinking the standard approaches. In addition, lessons learned such as surprise MI findings, near misses, or where an MI inspection and test plan “missed the mark” are welcome as these are often the most enduring learning tools. The Mechanical Integrity Session welcomes a variety of disciplines, including pressure vessels, piping, relief devices, instrumented safety systems, fire protection and detection, etc…




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