S6 Risk Criteria Guidelines Shortcourse

Frank, W. L., Frank Risk Solutions, Inc.

This short course will provide guidance on establishing quantitative safety risk criteria (QSRC) addressing episodic events with acute consequences. The course is based upon, and attendees will receive a copy, of the recently published CCPS Guidelines for Developing Quantitative Safety Risk Criteria. Discussions will include: 1. Benefits of using QSRC. 2. The evolution of QSRC, including precedents and current standards in use. 3. Reasons for variations among published regulatory QSRC values, and the significance for companies attempting to develop criteria. 4. Key considerations in establishing company-specific QSRC. 5. Applying QSRC in risk decision-making (e.g., in facility siting studies). 6. Common misinterpretations and misuse of QSRC, including pitfalls to avoid. 7. Risk scaling, risk apportionment, and matching criteria to the systems being evaluated. 8. Relating QSRC to quantitative criteria used in defining safety instrumented systems reliability requirements. Upon completion of the course, participants will have a better appreciation of how QSRC fits into overall risk decision-making. Participants will also have a better understanding of the complexity involved in properly applying QSRC, enabling more informed engagement with company management, risk assessment practitioners, and regulatory authorities on this important subject. The short course will not address quantitative risk assessment (QRA) techniques. About the Instructor: Mr. Frank is President of Frank Risk Solutions, Inc. He has 37 years of experience in the chemical process industries, with the last 22 of those years as a risk, reliability, and safety consultant. Prior to joining ABS Consulting, he spent 24 years with DuPont where he held assignments in the areas of plant technical support, manufacturing supervision, research and development, design, project start-up, quantitative risk assessment, and process safety consulting. Mr. Frank was the project manager and principal author for the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Guidelines for Developing Quantitative Safety Risk Criteria. Mr. Frank received a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1973. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Delaware and is both an AIChE and CCPS Fellow. Mr. Frank will be assisted by several members of the CCPS Risk Criteria Subcommittee who will be prepared to share their perspectives on the development and application of QSRC within the process industries.

Registration Fee:The cost to attend this short course is $599 (including course materials). Please be sure to register either online or by calling AIChE Customer Service at 800-242-4363 or 203-702-7660.