(62a) Greenhouse Gas Legislation, Regulation and Litigation | AIChE

(62a) Greenhouse Gas Legislation, Regulation and Litigation


With this presentation, an expert legal team will summarize the latest developments from the climate change summit in Copenhagen, or COP15, implications for U.S. climate change legislation and include an update on status of Senate debate regarding proposed U.S. climate change legislation. The team will also summarize the latest EPA Clean Air Act rulemakings regarding greenhouse gases, including EPA's Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Finding and new mobile source rules. The team further will review the Clean Air Act Prevention of Significant Deterioration Program and Title V provisions automatically triggered by EPA's mobile source rules, in order to set the foundation for a review of EPA's proposed "Tailoring Rule" to revise major source PSD and Title thresholds for greenhouse gas emitters. Finally, the team will review the latest litigation developments involving major greenhouse gas emission sources.