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(21c) IST Trade-Offs


Shah, J. - Presenter, Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc.

Inherently Safer Technologies should be a key consideration in any companies risk management effort. Often we are faced with making a choice between an inherently safer option and one that is more hazardous but provides better benefits. With proper safeguards and controls it is possible to manage the risk of the more hazardous option to levels that are comparable or even lower than the inherently safer option. It may cost more and involve a greater amount of oversight but the benefits may still outweigh the costs.

This paper presents three examples to illustrate the trade-offs that one should evaluate in deciding which option is the best for a given situation:

1. Comparison between travel by Automobile and Airplane 2. Comparison of HF vs. MHF (HF with additive)Transport 3. Comparison of HF Alkylation risk reduction options with Sulfuric Alkylation

While inherently safer technological options should be considered they may not always be the appropriate option to select, since it may require sacrificing desired benefits that an alternative option can provide at comparable or lower risk.