(122e) Impact of New Processing Targets On Catalytic Naphtha Reforming Catalysts

Lapinski, M., Honeywell UOP
Metro, S., UOP, LLC
Moser, M., UOP, LLC

Catalytic naphtha reforming makes a significant contribution to the production of gasoline for transportation needs, hydrogen for hydrotreating of other refinery streams, and aromatics for the petrochemical industry. Regulations, demand, and economics for the production of gasoline have changed in some regions reducing the quantity of gasoline required from the catalytic naphtha reformer. New processing targets have evolved for different regions requiring different catalyst solutions.

The presentation will review the technology for fixed bed and continuous catalytic reforming, discuss how regulations, demand, and economics have altered reforming unit objectives, and discuss how new catalysts are specifically targeting the existing and the new reforming market segments.