(112d) Innovative and Reliable Designs for Upgrading/Extraction | AIChE

(112d) Innovative and Reliable Designs for Upgrading/Extraction


Remesat, D. R. - Presenter, Koch-Glitsch Canada LP

Internals vendors have been involved in providing grassroots and revamp designs for heavy oil and bitumen upgrading for over 25 years. The knowledge gained from these experiences in fouling services has translated into sound design principles and internals offerings. With the current and planned increase in processing heavier, more sour crudes, there is a corresponding increase in development work for distillation internals in fouling service.

This paper discusses fouling?the most significant issue facing the sustainable operation of Upgrading/Extraction separations; the tools, with examples, that are currently available to mitigate fouling; and the development capabilities available to further improve separation internals in severe service.