(93c) Removal of Sr (II) Ions From Aqueous Solutions Using Ca-Bentonite as a Natural Adsorbent:Estimation for a Single Stage Batch Operation

Nikfar, S. - Presenter, Islamic Azad University, Arak Branch, Iran.
Milani, Sr., S. A. - Presenter, Islamic Azad University of Tehran-Science & Research
Mirhakimi, S. - Presenter, Islamic Azad University, Arak Branch

In the present study, the ability of Ca-bentonite as a natural adsorbent to remove strontium ions from aqueous solutions has been investigated. Batch method was carried out during adsorption process. The uptake of strontium ions was found to be very rapid during first thirty minutes and equilibrium time is independent of initial strontium concentration. Maximum adsorption capacity of Ca-bentonite in contact with strontium ions was calculated by applying Langmuir isotherm. Thereafter, the results were used for estimation of a single stage batch operation. Furthermore, the effect of various parameters such as contact time, initial concentration, pH, particle size and presence of competing metal ions, on adsorption of strontium ions have been studied.

Keywords : Adsorption; Strontium ;Ca-bentonite; Batch operation estimation.


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