(71a) How Do You Problem Solve and Why Is It Important?

Hipple, J., TRIZ and Engineering Training Services

This session is a workshop sponsored by AIChE Management Division focusing on an engineering manager's problem solving style. Many engineers and managers are aware of their social style as measured by psychological assessment instruments such as Myers Briggs or DISC. However, these tools do not take into account how a person approaches problem solving. It is thus possible for people to be compatible socially but still be very argumentative when it comes to resolving issues. This, greatly hinders the productivity of problem solving teams.

This workshop will give each participant an opportunity to learn their Kirton KAI? profile, which measures very accurately how an individual approaches problems and their solution. The Kirton KAI instrument and profile has been used for many years to identify an individual's problem solving approach.

The workshop will review the basics of this instrument and provide real class involvement to illustrate how this strongly imbedded behavior pattern affects problem solving and our relations with people who have different styles of or approaches to problem solving. They will leave with a much better understanding of their own approach to problem solving and how better to utilize diversity in this profile in working with and assembling teams.

Participants will need to pick up a profiling instrument at the registration desk. It will take 15-20 minutes to complete, and must be returned to the registration deskt the evening prior to the workshop.


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