(64f) Raschig Super-Ring - Fourth Generation Random Packing Keeps Customer Excited in Performance

Schultes, M. - Presenter, RASCHIG GMBH
Chambers, S. - Presenter, Fractionation Research, Inc.

Raschig Super-Ring is now available on the market since app. 10 years and it's time to summaries a success history. Nobody wanted to be first but since Raschig Super-Ring had shown its superior performance in mass transfer efficiency, capacity and pressure drop this random packing becomes more and more used in world wide industries.

The presentation will provide information about grass root designs as well as revamp cases using Raschig Super-Ring. The applications will cover distillation and absorption processes as well as heat transfer zones in fouling, foaming and regular systems.

Beside industrial applications new FRI research results will be shown as well. These research results will outline future applications in driving columns even harder.