(66f) Whole-Cell Biocatalysis in Biphasic Media for Oxidation of Naphthalene

Peeples, T. L. - Presenter, University of Iowa

Biocatalysis involves the use of enzymes to perform stereo- and enatio-specific reactions producing valuable products in an environmentally benign way. However, the hydrophobic nature of most of the substrates affects the productivity due to poor solubility in aqueous solutions and high toxicity to cells expressing the biocatalyst. These drawbacks can be eliminated by using biphasic media, where a second phase of organic solvent serves as a reservoir of substrate and helps in extracting the products in-situ. The use of biocatalysis in biphasic media is applied to oxidation of napthalane to produce either 1-naphthol or 1,2-naphthalene dihydrodiol.