(35b) Preparation of Zr(IV)-Loaded Membranes for Adsorptive Removal of as(V) from Aqueous Solutions

Zou, S., National University of Singapore
Zheng, Y. M., Natioanl University of Singapore
Chen, J. P., National University of Singapore

The study of the adsorption performance to remove As(V) was carried out by using PVDF composited membranes with Zirconium hydroxide particles. The results of isotherm experiments demonstrated that data can be well described in terms of the Langmuir equation. The maximum adsorption capacity can be achieved at 21.5 mg/g of As(V) as the ratio of Zr(IV) particles and PVDF is 2:1. Adsorption kinetics of As(V) at two different concentrations followed pseudo-second-order rate equation. The optimum pH range for As(V) adsorption is found from 3 to 6. The morphology of the Zr(IV)/PVDF membrane was observed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) which revealed the membrane with less particle dosage has smaller mean pore size and less apertures.


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